About Boaterfly


Our story

Boaterfly was born from the meeting of two sail and travel enthusiasts’ who are also hooked about new online sharing services such as: carpooling, temporary rental accommodation, etc. Realizing that the sea is a privileged space to enjoy and share and that many watercrafts are barely used by their owners, they came up with the Boaterfly site. The objective of Boaterfly is to open the nautical world to collaborative consumption by promoting private boat rental and sharing of authentic experiences.


The concept

Peer to peer boat renting within the nautical world can offer enriching experiences for our users. It is actually quite costly for a boat owner to have and maintain a boat, not to mention the costs of renting a mooring, the sailing itself, etc. Renting your boat can therefore allow you to finance the costs and allow you to live your passion. Co-navigation, solo navigation or night at the dock: our services adapt to your needs.


Our team

Our team is composed of brilliant and passionate people. We are all bonded by travel and have collectively sailed around the world. We work together every day to bring trips to another dimension by offering our users to share their experiences. We meet regularly with our community through diverse actions because we believe that by exploring the world with our collaborative service, we can improve it.


Our services

Our aim is above all social. Since 2013, we share our sea passion with our travelers, who share with us their nautical experiences, encounters and interests. Boaterfly was created to democratize the boat rental, making this service accessible to all.⏎ ⏎ Boaterfly is therefore aimed at all travelers seeking a unique experience aboard a boat anywhere around the world.

Present in over 25 countries, the world awaits you with Boaterfly.