Rent your boat

Rent your boat

Everything that is seaworthy and safe has a place on Boaterfly. A sailboat, semi-rigid, jet ski, laser, kitesurf, kayak, sports catamaran or even just a charming boat to spend the night at the docks? Everything to fit your ideas and style is on Boaterfly!

  1. Rental: Discover your watercraft's potential

    Boaterfly places a unique rental platform at your disposal. In just a couple clicks, you can publish a listing for your watercraft, and your future guests will contact you. Make your watercraft(s) profitable thanks to Boaterfly!

  2. Sharing: A sea to share

    Boaterfly places a unique platform for boat sharing at your disposal. In just a couple clicks, you publish your watercraft’s listing, and your future guests will contact you. Both share and reimburse your trips out to sea by hosting a crew.

  3. Rental at berth: Become a onboard host of your watercraft

    Boaterfly allows you to discover new ideas for using your watercraft, like rental at berth or boat & breakfast. Comfortable and well secured, your watercraft could very well become an alternative to a hotel for guests visiting your region.

  4. 100% free of charge: Experience the adventure!

    Boaterfly allows you to decide and detail the services you are prepared to offer: day long trips, coastal cruises, navigation of the high seas, lodging at berth, regattas, ferrying, receptions, fishing… Register quickly, your first guest may not be very far!