How does it work?


I publish my listing for free

Publish your listing for free and with no strings attached. Add the details : description, pictures, calendar, insurance... In a few clicks, your boat is online, with or without a captain !


I choose the travelers I like

You pre-approve requests in regards to the traveler's experience and Nautical Resume. Once you've exchanged via the Boaterfly inbox, you may pre-approve and all that is left to do before the booking is confirmed is for the traveler to pay.


I handle the travelers' arrival.

On the day, make sure you run the inventory and that the traveler signs the rental contract provided by Boaterfly. If you stay on board, the rental contract i not necessary as your are sharing the costs, like a car-share or boatshare.


I cash in safely

Boaterfly takes care of everything. You receive your secure payment 24h after check-in. Our team also handles the deposit in the form of a bank imprint. Our team is available 7 days a week.


I leave a rating

At the end of the trip, make sure everything went well and leave a comment on the traveler's online profile. In the event of any damages, don't worry, you have 48 hours to activate the deposit or part of it.


I find the perfect boat

Select the boats that match your requirements : price, availability, with or without a captain... In a single click, you can send a booking request which instantly warns the owners by e-mail and text message.


I book online

If your requests are approved, you may choose which one suits you the most and pay for it online to confirm. The amount will be paid out to the owner 24h after your arrival on the boat, and your other requests will be automatically cancelled.


I meet the owner on board

Upon your arrival, the owner greets you on board. Together, establish an inventory and sign the rental contract allowing everything to be in order, unless you booked a boatshare, as they don't require such terms.


I can navigate with my mind at peace

With a Captain (pro Skipper or owner on board), make the most of an initiation to sailing and the experience of a skipper. In any case listen to the skipper's precious advice and use Safetics® - the Sailor's Check-list for your safety.


I rate my experience

At the agreed time, return the boat in a perfect state and refill the gas tank if need be. Leave a comment on your experience, the comfort and safety on the boat and the owner's hospitality.


I navigate safely

Lorsque vous prenez la mer avec Boaterfly, que ce soit sur le bateau d’un particulier ou d’un professionnel, vous êtes assuré pendant toute la durée de votre location. A bord, l’équipement de sécurité est complet. Vous pouvez donc prendre le large en toute sérénité.


J'évalue mon expérience

A l‘heure convenue, rendez le bateau en parfait état et faites le plein de carburant si nécessaire. Signez le constat de fin de location et en rentrant chez vous, laissez un commentaire sur votre expérience, le confort, la sécurité du bateau. Cette dernière étape est importante pour permettre aux autres utilisateurs de mieux choisir leur future location.