1. Why Boaterfly?

    Boaterfly is an online service dedicated to private individuals. Sailboat, powerboat, houseboat, light sailboat, row boat, windsurf, kitesurf and surf board owners are offered the opportunity to make their watercrafts profitable, while travelers may select an ideal rental or boat share based on various criteria. Our wish over time is to extend our platform to promote the services of professional skippers.

  2. How can I contact Boaterfly?

    For information and inquiries, you may contact us by e-mail at [email protected] or by telephone at +33 4 20 88 01 11.
  1. How can I register?

    You may either use your Facebook account to log in, or register manually through our website.

  2. Will I receive e-mails from Boaterfly?

    Yes, consult the e-mail address associated with your Boaterfly account. If you are registered through your Facebook account, we will use your default e-mail address for Facebook in order to put you in contact with potential guests.

  3. How can I change the email address I use for Boaterfly?

    Log in to your account, and click « My Profile ».

  4. How can I change my password?

    Log in to your account, and click « My account ».

  5. I have forgotten my password. What should I do?

    By clicking on « Forgot your password? » on the « Log in » page, you will immediately receive an e-mail on the address that you selected during your registration. This email will indicate the next steps in retrieving your password.

  6. Why have I not received a notification or confirmation e-mail?

    Make sure you check the inbox of your default address on Boaterfly. Also check your spam folder, as our email may have ended up there. In that case, please add our email address to your email account, so our emails will not be treated as spam. If you have still not received anything, go to the Log in page and click « Didn't receive confirmation instructions? ».

  7. How can I edit my profile?

    Log in to your account and click on « My Profile » at the top right of our homepage.

  8. Is it really necessary to complete my profile?

    Yes as certain information is mandatory. The more information you offer about yourself to potential guests, the more they will feel at ease and confident in sharing your watercraft or calling upon your services.

  9. What is the purpose of a nautical resume?

    Each Boaterfly user will be invited to complete their nautical resume. This will allow a host to select a guest that best corresponds to their watercraft based on skills and experience. They will thus be able to determine the credibility of the traveler on an objective level. As for the guest or future boater, they will also be able to judge the experience of the host as an additional guarantee of reliability and good maintenance of the watercraft.

  10. What is boat sharing?

    Boat sharing is not a complete rental of a watercraft. It allows a watercraft owner to offer embarkation to other people, while remaining on board.

  11. Can one charge for boat sharing?

    The traveler boards for free on the host’s watercraft. The financial participation requested by the host includes the participation in various fees while on board, especially the refueling: food, water, gas, docking sites, etc.
    Important: these fees must remain reasonable and may not constitute the earnings of a recurrent lucrative activity by the watercraft owner. Otherwise, the host may be subject to a reclassification of his services as Rental with skipper.

  1. What is the purpose of a deposit?

    A deposit is an amount that serves as a safety net, should anything happen to your boat or watercraft during the rental. In the case of boat sharing, there is no security deposit.

  2. What are the advantages of selecting the online deposit offered by Boaterfly?

    Thanks to our partnership with Stripe, Boaterfly avoids the handling of checks or cash by hosts and guests on boarding day. The owners can always opt for a deposit in the form of a check or cash if they prefer. In that case, they must indicate “0” as a default deposit, and clearly mention in the “Description” or the “Rules onboard” their system for handling the deposit.

  3. How does the online security deposit system work?

    The deposit is handled in the form of an authorization for withdrawal given by the guest at the time of reservation. It will only be activated if there is damage to the watercraft. For more information, please consult our Terms & Conditions.

  4. When is the deposit withdrawn?

    In the case of a justifiable complaint by the owner upon the return of the watercraft, Boaterfly activates the deposit of the amount payable to the boat owner within 30 days.

  1. Can the owner compensate their traveler if the latter files a complaint?

    Yes, for example if the owner publishes false information in their listing, or the watercraft is not in suitable condition for rental or boat sharing, the guest may solicit a reduction of the price directly with the watercraft owner in the form of check or cash, or solicit the cancellation of their reservation with Boaterfly. Travelers and hosts are encouraged to all disputes to the best of their ability in hopes of reaching a “win-win” agreement.

  1. How does the review and rating system work?

    Boaterfly has implemented a rating system allowing both hosts and guests to offer feedback about their experiences. Travelers and watercraft owners may use this platform to comment on rental or boat sharing services they have solicited.

  2. How do I use the review and rating system?

    The evaluation system is based on simple criteria. We recommend publishing brief and specific comments. They will be more than useful to the Boaterfly community. To rate a boat after a rental has taken place, simply click on "My trips" and then "Rate your trip". To rate a guest click on "My guests" and then "Leave a comment about the traveler."


  1. How can I rent out my watercraft on Boaterfly?

    Creating your listing will only take you a couple of minutes. Select the most attractive pictures of your watercraft and of your region and follow the 6 steps of registration. If you have multiple watercrafts, register one listing per watercraft. If you are offering boat sharing as well as rental of a watercraft, complete a listing for each of its services. Prepare your watercraft before check-in. We recommend to carry out an accurate inventory of your equipment in the presence of your traveler. Except for co-navigation, we recommend you and your traveler sign a lease.

  2. Do I have to register or insure my watercraft to use Boaterfly services?

    Please verify that your watercraft is registered or declared if required by regulation, and verify that your insurance covers the risks of rental or boat sharing. These regulations are different in every country, so be sure to consult the legislation applicable to your situation.

  3. How do I list my watercraft for boat sharing?

    Register your listing by selecting the option “Boat sharing: owner onboard” in Step 1 of registration.

  4. Can I stay onboard the watercraft I am listing on the website?

    Yes, it would be considered therefore as boat sharing and not a rental; your passengers are your crewmen and you are the “non professional” skipper on board.

    Depending on the country within which you navigate and/or live and/or your watercraft is registered, Boaterfly recommends studying the applicable regulations, and to verify the eventual repercussions of your presence on the watercraft during navigation, especially if you have a professional skipper diploma.

  5. May I demand a skipper onboard?

    Yes, as the host you control the type of rental and services offered with your watercraft. At the time of registration, be sure to select the “type of rental” desired during Step 1 of your listing.

  6. What are Boaterfly’s service charges?

    Publishing a listing on Boaterfly is 100% free. But, we charge only 4% of the booking's total price for the costs related to our operations services.

  7. How are the prices of my listing decided?

    You are free to decide the price of your rental in Step 4 of your watercraft’s registration. Do not hesitate to consult the pricing of similar watercrafts in your area, and according to the season.

    The price you publish is the amount proportional to the duration selected by the guest.

  8. How is the financial participation of a passenger decided in boat sharing?

    You are free to decide this amount. Your passengers embark for free and contribute to the various fees while on board, especially the refueling: food, water, gas, docking sites, etc. according to the duration, route, and reason for your boat share: ferrying, regatta, etc.

    Important: these fees must remain reasonable and may not constitute the revenues of a recurring lucrative activity by the owner.

  9. How much can I make from renting my watercraft?

    The rental of your watercraft can be very lucrative. To help you decide on an appropriate rental price, do not hesitate to compare your listing with information you may find on the Internet.

  10. Can I add a cleaning and laundry fee to my listing?

    Yes, these fees are to be specified in Step 4 of your registration, in the section entitled “Additional costs” or “Payment”. Be advised, additional costs indicated in “Payment” will not be processed by Boaterfly’s automatic and secure payment system.

  11. Can I publish more than one listing for free?

    Yes, with one account, you can register and publish as many listings as you wish.

    In the case of rental, you must create one listing per watercraft. You may then update the prices and calendar of your listings at any time.

  12. How can I list my watercraft for rental and for boat sharing?

    You will need to create two separate listings: one for rental and one for boat sharing.

    In the case of rental, you must create one listing per watercraft. You may then update the prices and calendar of your listing at any moment.

  13. Are pictures mandatory in publishing a listing?

    Yes, we will only publish listings with at least one photograph of the watercraft.

  14. How can I add pictures to my listing?

    Click on “My Listings”, select your listing and upload the pictures in Step 3 of registration.

  15. How can I include high-quality pictures of my watercraft?

    A good photograph attracts the eye and places your listing in the most viewed. If you cannot take them yourself, consult a skilled friend or professional.

  16. How do I make my listing appear on the Boaterfly site?

    Log in to your account and click on “My listings” in the top right of the screen in order to access your listings. An option will indicate if your listing is visible or not by other members. You may edit or remove your listings at any moment.

  17. Why would my listing not appear in the search results?

    Rest assured that the publication of your listing is activated. It may take a couple minutes before your listing is visible in the search results. If you cannot view them, you can come back later, or contact the support services of Boaterfly at[email protected].
  18. How can I make my listing more attractive?

    A good picture is worth more than a long speech. Consulting a professional photographer can be a profitable investment. Describe in maximum detail the features of your watercraft, choose a catchy title and draw up a simple, short but attractive listing.

  19. How can I advertise my listing?

    Your ad has a unique domain address (private URL) that any user can share on the web. Share it on Facebook, on your blog, on your personal website, or print it on your business card to attract more guests.

  20. How can I deactivate or remove my listing?

    Log in to your account and click on “My listings” in the top right of the home page to access your listings. You can activate, deactivate or remove your listings whenever you wish without deleting your Boaterfly account.

    An option indicates whether your listing is visible by members or whether it is simply registered and not published yet.

  21. How can I edit my calendar, my prices, and conditions?

    Log in to your account and click on “My listings” in the top right of the screen to access your listings. All you need to do next is select Step 4 of the 6 registration steps, or click directly on “My calendar” of the corresponding listing on the previously recommended page.

  1. How is the payment deposited into my account?

    By clicking “methods of payment” in “My account”, select the payment method best suited for you between Visa, Mastercard or Paypal. Make sure to fill in all the necessary information. No other members will have access to your bank information.

  2. When will I receive the payment?

    The transfer to the owner's bank account will take place 48h after the rental/boat sharing has begun in order to be sure that the traveler is actually onboard before the payment is processed. This is how we will be able to provide the best possible experience for owners as for travelers.

  1. Can I add a security deposit to my listing?

    Yes, on a listing for rental. We recommend publishing an amount that covers your insurance deductible. Be advised: you may not ask for a deposit from guests who have already made a reservation if your listing did not specify it at the time of booking.

  1. How do I get in contact with my guest?

    As soon as you accept a request for reservation, Boaterfly will provide you with the telephone number and e-mail address of your guest by e-mail. Consult the website and your personal inbox regularly.

  2. Can I refuse a booking enquiry?

    Of course. If you do not wish to allow a particular member on your watercraft or your offer is no longer available, you can refuse the request for reservation.

    Make sure your calendar and availability is up to date, especially if your water craft is already booked.

  3. How much time do I have to respond to a request for reservation?

    You have 24 hours to accept a booking enquiry. If you do not, it will automatically be cancelled.

  1. How does the delivery of the watercraft take place?

    At the arrival of the guests, we recommend verifying your respective identities so as to be sure that everyone is who they say they are; verification of the attributed Boaterfly reservation number can be equally useful.

    If you have not already done it, we recommend exchanging your telephone numbers and making a detailed inventory of the watercraft, with a checklist if possible.

    Do not hesitate to sign a statement or agreement and to take pictures of all existing damages so that they will not be the subjects of dispute when returning the watercraft.

  2. What should I do if it appears that the guest does not have the skills needed or indicated on their nautical resume?

    Ask for additional information from your guest as soon as possible. If your impression persists, cancel the reservation so as to give your guest a chance to make a new booking request with another owner.

    Verify the conditions of cancelling a booking under our Terms & Conditions.

  3. As an owner, how can I cancel a reservation?

    In order to cancel a reservation, you must contact Boaterfly at following address:[email protected]. Please verify the conditions of cancellation of a reservation.

    We remind you that in the case of repeated, abusive, or unjustifiable cancellations, Boaterfly may remove your account.

  4. What happens if a guest cancels a reservation?

    In Step 5 of registration, the boat owner determines their “Conditions for cancellation” ranging from flexible, moderate, strict, and very strict. Verify the conditions of cancelling a booking within each setting in our Terms & Conditions.


  1. Is it useful for me to mention my skills and certificates?

    We recommend fully completing your nautical resume to establish trust with the owner, essential to a successful experience. Specify your certificates - licenses, instructorship, etc – and your navigating experiences as a skipper or simply as a crewman. Your ability to take care of the owner’s watercraft as if it were your own should appear clearly in your profile. Don’t forget that owners and guests are evaluated in the Boaterfly community.

  2. How to rent a watercraft or find a boat share?

    Register manually through our site or use your Facebook account by clicking on the link “Sign up”. Specify your search criteria using the filters proposed by Boaterfly and consult the watercraft listings for the dates you’ve selected. Book a reservation and choose a method of payment by following the booking procedure. The owner will then have 24 hours to accept or refuse your request.

  3. Can I book a rental of a watercraft for a friend or a member of the family?

    The booking request should be made by the principal guest: skipper or main user of the watercraft.

  4. Can I book a boat share for a friend or a member of the family?

    The booking request should be made by the principal guest, if possible on the basis of their nautical resume.

  5. How is the price of boat sharing established?

    The owner determines himself the degree of participation in the various fees while onboard especially the refueling: food, water, gas, docking sites, etc. depending on the length, route, or reason for the boat share (ferrying, regatta, etc.)

  6. What are the service fees of Boaterfly?

    We retain only a fee of 15% TTC of the total rental or boat sharing price. This amount will only be withdrawn once the booking request has been accepted by the owner, within a period of 24 hours after the enquiry is made. For security reasons, the Boaterfly guest will approve the amount payable to the owner 24h after check-in.

  7. What are the host’s responsibilities?

    The host must maintain his watercraft in satisfactory condition for the rental or boat share, and must provide the official documents required by the regulations applicable to their situation.

    They must verify that their insurance covers the type of services offered to guests.

    We recommend displaying the best welcome and reception possible to benefit from the best reviews and evaluations in the Boaterfly community.

  8. How do I know if a boat or watercraft that I want to rent is available for the dates I’ve chosen?

    The Boaterfly search engine takes into account the availability of the watercrafts. It is possible though that a host has not specified the availability of their watercraft for the dates you have chosen. In this case, he will refuse your booking request or it will be automatically cancelled after 24 hours.

  9. How and when do I pay?

    By submitting a booking request on our website, you accept the Terms & Conditions applicable to the listing as well as an authorization for withdrawal from your account via our secure payment system.

  10. What should I do if my host asks me for additional fees and amounts that were not specified on the site?

    Refuse politely and inform us by e-mail at[email protected]
  11. How do I cancel my reservation?

    Each host specifies their conditions of cancellation applicable to his listing ranging from flexible, moderate, strict, and very strict. The details of these conditions are reminded during the booking process.

  12. May I see the watercraft before booking a reservation?

    You may only submit this request to a host once they have accepted your booking request and it is in effect.

  13. Will I be compensated if I file a complaint about the watercraft?

    If the watercraft does not meet the description of the owner’s listing, or it is not in suitable condition for rental or boat sharing, you should signal it to your host. You are encouraged to handle all disputes peacefully so to create a “win-win” experience.

  14. What happens in the event of damage to the watercraft during the rental?

    In all cases, you will have to resolve the incident with the watercraft owner who will have to consult the coverage of his insurance. Depending on the type of damage and how it occurred, the damages will or will not be reimbursed by the insurance. While waiting for the verdict, the host will activate the payment of the amount of the security deposit decided during booking.